electrolyte ice cubes for morning sickness & labor

electrolyte ice cubes for morning sickness & labor
June 11, 2017 joyfalzone

Before I became pregnant I liked to think I wouldn’t have morning sickness. I don’t have a weak stomach, I don’t get car sickness or get nauseous easily. When I found out I was pregnant with my son I felt great, for not even two days, then the all-day nausea hit me like a boulder. Food was the last thing on earth I wanted to think about, see or smell, never mind eat. I dreaded going to work and when I got home I would lie on the couch, watch The Office and beg my husband to bring me ice cubes. I looked forward to vomiting (which didn’t even happen once per day) because it was the only way to get a few minutes of relief. Some mommas out there know exactly what I’m talking about and this post is for you! But it’s also for anyone who plans to labor as much as possible at home or is planning a home birth! If you are planning to deliver in a hospital or birth center, you can ask if they have a freezer you can use so you can take these with you.

Staying hydrated and nourishing your pregnant body is a huge challenge when you’re not feeling well. This goes for morning sickness as well as labor which is often another time food is not appealing. With my first labor I didn’t want anything but ice cubes! One way to get electrolytes, natural sugar and a little nutrition in your body is to freeze coconut water cubes with berries in it! (If you can’t walk in your kitchen without gagging or vomiting, have your partner throw it together for you.) Coconut water has natural sugar to give you energy as well as electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. I don’t like coconut flavor but raw coconut water does not taste like coconut to me and even less so when it is frozen. Adding a berry to the ice cube gives a little extra nutrition to boot. Alternatively, if you do not like coconut water, you can puree watermelon in a blender and make ice cubes out of that.


coconut water (I like *Harmless Harvest but there are others that are not “raw”)
organic berries


fill ice cube tray with coconut water and place a berry in each cube. place in freezer until frozen. the great thing about coconut water is that it doesn’t freeze as hard as water but stays a little slushy.

* Harmless Harvest does not recommend freezing their coconut water because they cannot guarantee shelf life, but as long as you’re going to use the cubes before the date listed on the bottle, I think its ok

* “If you are pregnant or immunocompromised, we strongly urge you to follow your doctor’s recommendations. We take every precaution in making our products safe, as well as delicious. That being said, raw products (produce included) are not sterile. It is best to listen to your doctor and to your instincts.” – Harmless Harvest

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