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Chances are, if you have found yourself here at ‘hello wholefoods’ you may be starting to re-think the model of health that you’ve had in the past. If eating the standard American diet and taking prescriptions for our ailments has brought us to the health crisis we are currently in, then we desperately need a paradigm shift. Not only are adults practically guaranteed to develop chronic disease, but now children have fatty liver, diabetes, and heart disease. This model is clearly not working.

I believe our model of health should be simple. The cells in our bodies are not made up of over-the-counter drugs or prescription medication. They are not made up of packaged food made in a lab. So why then, do we expect our bodies to function properly and heal themselves if we are not providing them with proper nutrition? I believe our bodies are miraculous self-healing self-repairing organisms when we provide them with optimal nutrition through whole foods. Every time we put food into our mouths we are either feeding disease or fighting it.

You may be thinking this all sounds too extreme, wondering if you can still indulge in a burger or ice cream or whatever your vice may be. No need to worry, I do not tell my clients they can never eat this or that ever again. Instead I give simple, easy to incorporate recommendations to make small, sustainable changes to improve your health over time. My relationship with food did not change overnight and I do not expect it to be that way for you either. If you are interested in exploring how eating whole foods can help resolve your health concerns and are willing to invest time and energy into your health, even if just a little, I would love to support you as your health coach.

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