pina colada popsicles

pina colada popsicles
July 18, 2017 joyfalzone

You asked for some of our favorite summer treats so here’s another super easy four ingredient popsicle recipe! There’s no need for any added sugar, the fruit is so sweet on its own! If you don’t like “coconut” flavor, you may still like these. I hate shredded coconut but the mild, real coconut flavor that comes from the coconut milk is delicious. Oh and there’s not actually alcohol in these despite the name, so they’re great for kids too. If you let the pops freeze just until they’re frozen through but not rock solid, they have a wonderful creamy texture that is just perfect!

pina colada popsicles
makes 8 zoku pops


1 cup chopped ripe mango (I used frozen)
1 cup chopped ripe pineapple
1 ripe banana
3/4 cup whole coconut milk (I use this one)


blend all ingredients in high powered blender until smooth. pour into popsicle molds and put in freezer until frozen. enjoy on a hot day!

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